Service Design Consultants is focused on the provision of teams to deliver work packages for greenfield technologies, migrations and organisational design.

Service design is about how people use services, how they find them, appropriate (take ownership) them and adopt them in their lives. The best service design is invisible as it enables interactions, transactions and fulfillments in ways that seem obvious to their users.

Completed Projects (updated 2019)

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland – Centres of Excellence and Integrated Service model through TOM and ITOM for SAFe (scaled agile)
  • The University of Edinburgh – EdGEL
  • Wipro Technologies – Wipro Digital
  • Accenture – Enterprise User Experience
  • Office of National Statistics – UK National Census 2011
  • National Police Improvements Agency – NDORS
  • Pearson Educational Publishing – Digital Department
  • Oxford University Press – Internal Digital Agency
  • Channel Islands Government – Digitisation