Service Design Consultancy

SDC has worked as an organisational design consultant, to meticulously define and organise the structure of companies and organisations. This has included defining what work is, redefine the culture, create hearts and minds guide rails, create job titles, and allocate resources (i.e. personnel) to improve efficiency and increase productivity. Making strategic decisions with regard to company hierarchy and personnel infrastructure towards a modern service structure in many client organisations.

Driving towards outcome based working through understanding the uniqueness of the existing business and gaining experience with the organisation. Followed by business structuring, business process definition and deployment, recruitment policies and employee reward systems, role and title definition for both senior, mid and junior staff.

Our work is based upon business objectives, market strategy, processes and operations. Followed by meticulous planning, analysis and research.

Working with MD’s, Partners and senior managers to make sure the proposed changes are as economical and effective as possible.

Completed Projects (updated 2019)

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland – Centres of Excellence and Integrated Service model through TOM and ITOM for SAFe (scaled agile)
  • The University of Edinburgh – EdGEL
  • Wipro Technologies – Wipro Digital
  • Accenture – Enterprise User Experience
  • Office of National Statistics – UK National Census 2011
  • National Police Improvements Agency – NDORS
  • Pearson Educational Publishing – Digital Department
  • Oxford University Press – Internal Digital Agency
  • Channel Islands Government – Digitisation

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